How would you attract a person to listen to you, and to follow you?


Leaders are determined by the number and devotion of their followers. If people listen to someone, we can call the person a leader.

But how to attract the others to listen to you? There are definitely a few good ways of doing that:

  • Having charisma. Some people have such a charisma that people simply follow them, just because of their enthusiasm and energy. This is something that comes from within. If you have strong belief in yourself and in the work you do, people will feel it, and they will follow you.
  • Being a role model. Some people go by example, working hard, doing their best every day–week after week, month after month. Employees love to see such behavior, and will often follow with their own best efforts in work. But if they see their boss just sitting in the office and giving orders left and right, never walking in the hall, never talking to the laborers, they will often ignore them.
  • Connecting with the others. Many great leaders show true interest for the people they work with. They know how to identify a good topic for conversation with each employee, they know how to build trust. When Microsoft had 80 employees (many years ago), Bill Gates knew every single one by name, and he also talked to each person in the company at least once a week…


Leader spot in a crowd, a woman with a charismatic look, wearing white jacketDoes physical appearance matter?

To look good is an advantage, but not a must. If you read about the most famous leaders in our history, you’ll find out that not all of them were beautiful, or charismatic (some of them were very short, fat, some looked like nerds).

But all of them were great role models, motivators, or had this rare ability to get close to the hearts of the others, so they would blindly follow their every word and order.

Sample answer

I approach every person individually, trying to understand the right way to lead them. I try to make them an equal partner in communication, so they can feel my humility. And if I see a reason for saying something good to someone, I always do it. Because of all this, people generally enjoy my company, and will follow my leadership.

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