How do you motivate yourself?


Motivated leader is smiling, we can see other figures in the backgroundLife of a leader is not easy. They have to remain on the top of their game, and they often carry responsibility for the final result of the business. We may often struggle with motivation, especially if we feel that we did everything right, but the results did not come as expected.

Leaders should motivate the others, but they should also know how to keep their own motivation in work. Other employees have someone they can seek advice from, and someone they can blame. But leaders have to rely on their own powers.

Goals and passion

You should try and convince the interviewers that your goal and passion to achieve big things motivates you to move forward, and to deal with every challenge in work.

Sample answers

I keep a list of my goals on the working desk. That includes both company goals and personal goals. When I find myself in a difficult situation, or when I am losing my motivation, I always look at the list and spend time thinking about the goals I try to achieve. This helps me to find new gear, and to move on.

I have never had problems with personal motivation, even when the things did not go as planned. I somehow understand that setbacks are essential steps on the way to success. This is my personal philosophy and it helps me to stay motivated and work hard all time.

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