About us


Matthew Chulaw

Our website aims to help job seekers to learn how to answers leadership interview questions, and succeed in managerial and executive interviews.

It was started in May 2013 by Matthew Chulaw, former recruitment consultant and interviewer.

Matthew ran a successful recruitment consultancy New Generation Recruitment, from 2008 to 2012. His clients ranged from small business to top market players, including IBM, Irbis, Orange Employment, Siemens, and O’Donnel Griffin.

He would probably still work in recruitment, if Iranian security police didn’t arrest him in Tehran on August 23, 2012, while he was working on one of his recruitment projects in the country.

He spent six months in Iranian prison, and after finally being released, he could not return to his former business activities anymore.


From companies to job seekers

Changing his career from helping companies to helping job seekers, he founded more than a dozen small niche websites, mostly in the career niche, cooperating with other recruiting consultants and professionals from the industry in the process of content creation.

Most popular of them, InterviewPenguin.com (founded before his imprisonment), is widely recognized as one of the leaders in the entire career niche.

Leadershipinterviewquestions.com is different, however, specializing in leadership questions only. The website has attracted mostly job seekers applying for managerial and leadership roles, and has been receiving a good flow of traffic since mid 2014. See statistics and numbers below.


Google Analytics Stats

  • More than 80,828 people visited the website since May 2013
  • We have welcomed future leaders from 203 different countries, leading by US, India, UK, Canada, and Australia
  • The website has been shared numerous times, receiving traffic from 217 various places all over the internet, led by Google, Ask, YouTube, Bing, and Baidu.

We hope to continue helping future leaders in their careers. If you would like to know anything more about us, do not hesitate to contact us. Thank you!