Where do you see this industry heading in the future?


She spot the futureOnly first place matters on the market. If you can not predict the future, you won’t be able to take right decisions tomorrow, to come with a right innovation in one year time. And your company will lose the battle, if not the war!

It is not easy anymore to start a business, or to be successful in any industry. The competition is enormous! There are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of companies battling for the prize in every sector of business. Therefor they try to hire leaders with an ability to keep them in front of the pack, guys who can see in the future, who are able to predict what is going to happen and will take right actions before it happens.

Ask yourself right questions before the start of your interview

You should have some picture of the future. Think for a while about the following questions:

    • What will be a leading product on the market in one year time?
    • What is going to change in five years time, if we talk about preferences of the customers?
  • What is the competition doing right now? What is their marketing strategy? Is it going to change over time?
  • Will the entire industry exist in ten years time? What will change till then?
  • What will characterize a company with the highest market share in ten years time?
  • Who will be the key employees in this business in ten years time?

There are many questions you can ask yourself prior to the interview, to be ready to talk about the future of the business. However, when answering this question, you should not forget to mention that situation on the market changes quickly. So, none of your predictions may come true in time. However, you, as a good leader, are thinking about the future all the time and adjust your decisions to everything that happens in the world of business…


What to say at the end?

So, that’s it. You came to the last answer. If you want to make an extra step, learn something most of your competitors won’t know, have a look at our I Will Get a Job- Recording for Leaders. It is a best possible alternative for your last minute interview preparation… but will you take the right decision now? … We wish you good luck!