How would you attract someone to listen to you and to follow you?


Leader is determined by his followers. If people listen to someone, he’s a leader. Interviewers realize that leaders have to be able to attract other people.

There are few good ways of attracting the others. Amongst them:

  • Having charisma. Some people have an easy task in attracting he others. People follow them, just because of their charisma and non-verbal communication (or energy if you want).
  • Being a role model. Some people like to go by an example, working hard themselves, doing maximum every day. The others typically follow such an example. Oppositely, when employees see a boss just sits in the office and gives orders, they will often have a tendency to ignore him or at least not like him.
  • Connecting with the others. Some leaders are able to connect with all types of personalities. They can identify right topics for conversation and simply connect with the others. Once a connection is made, it is easier for the leader to make the employees to follow his example and orders, because they naturally like him.

Leader spot in a crowdDoes physical appearance matter?

To look good is an advantage, but it is not a must. If you learn about the most famous leaders in our history, not all of them were beautiful or charismatic. But they all were great role models, motivators, or had this rare ability to get close to the hearts of the others and make them blindly follow everything they told or did…

So, it doesn’t matter how you look like. You simply have to explain the recruiters your own way of motivating people to follow the goals you set, to work hard and to simply support your leadership. Let’s have a look at one sample answer:


I approach every person individually, trying to understand the right way to lead him. I humiliate myself if needed and I simply make him feeling like a partner in communication. I also compliment other people a lot. If I see a reason for saying something good about someone, I say it. Acting like this, people generally like me and have a tendency to follow my leadership.

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