How do you motivate yourself?


Motivated leader is smilingLeaders do not have an easy life. They have to be on the top of things, they carry all the responsibility for the final results.  And so sometimes, we find ourselves overwhelmed by the circumstances, especially if we did everything right but the outcome wasn’t as expected… This can easily happen because after all, many circumstances are beyond the control of the leader.

Having said that, leaders should not only have an ability to motivate the others, but also to motivate themselves and be able to overcome difficult situations. You know, other employee always have someone to take advice from, or someone to blame for making a bad call. But leader has nobody… He’s the leader, he’s the pillar, he’s the guy on the top. Interviewers are well aware of this fact and test your ability to get over these difficult situations and motivate yourself in job.

You need to convince them that you stay on the top of things and your goal and passion to achieve big things motivate you to move forward and get through the most challenging situations.

Sample answers

I always have a list of my goals on the table. These include both company goals and personal goals. When I find myself in a difficult situation, or being without motivation, I always take the list and spend some time thinking about the goals I want to achieve. It always makes me motivated to push forward, even if the way is extremely difficult.

I have never had problems with personal motivation. Of course, there are difficult situations in job, especially if one is a leader and carries all the responsibility on his shoulders. But I somehow understand in my head that setbacks are essential steps on the way to final success. This is my personal philosophy.

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