Describe a situation when you successfully led someone towards a fulfillment of a big goal.


Applicant in front of a group of interviewersTalking about one’s leadership and being a great leader are two different things…

Many people working in management have great communication skills. They can sing poems about their skills and abilities… However, once it comes to performing the job, they fail. Interviewers know it and do their best to distinguish the talkers from real leaders. Using behavioral questions is a good way to do it.

So, they are going to inquire about practical situations from the past. They will do it for two reasons:

  1. To assess your true level of leadership and experience. If you have had some success as a leader and if you really led someone, you would be able to talk about it openly and in detail in an interview. Oppositely, if you did not remember leading someone towards a big goal, they would not believe in your skills.
  2. To forecast your behavior in a future, based on your behavior in a past. It tells a lot about your attitudes and opinions.


Be positive

You should always choose a positive situation. Talk about a moment when person you led achieved the goal they wanted. On the top of that, you should be able to demonstrate your leadership qualities and an added value on the examples.

But be careful, additional questions may come. That’s why you should talk about a situation that really happened, to be able to elaborate on it.


No experience – what to do?

Leading has many meaningsLeadership questions can actually be part of entry level job interview too, for example for a supervisory role. However, your attitudes are more important than the situation itself. Therefore, if you have no working experience, or no leadership experience from corporate sphere, feel free to talk about leadership in other spheres of life. After all, we lead our children, partners or even friends. Leader is a leader, doesn’t matter what sphere of life you talk about.

So, choose a real situation, get ready for additional questions and do not forget to stress the added value you brought to the process of goal achievement. That is the right way to impress the interviewers…

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