Describe a situation when you successfully led someone towards a big goal.


Applicant in front of a group of interviewers

Many people can talk about their management and leadership skills for hours. But once it comes to real job, once they are supposed to lead someone, they fail.

Interviewers do their best to screen out the talkers, and behavioral interview questions help them greatly with this task. They will ask about some work related situations from your past, trying to:

  1. Assess your real level of leadership and experience. If you have had some success as a leader, and if you really led someone, you would narrate it in an interview with ease. Oppositely, if you did not remember leading a person towards a big goal, interviewers would hardly believe you have the skill.
  2. To foresee your behavior in the future. Understanding how you approached certain situations in the past, interviewers can tell what you’d do in your future job, perhaps in their company.

Stay positive

You should talk about a situation with a happy ending, when a person you led achieved their goal. On the top of that, you should be able to demonstrate your leadership qualities, and how you helped them in the process of achieving their goals.


No experience – what to do?

Leading has many meaningsYour attitude is more important than the situation you narrate. If you have no working experience, or no leadership experience from corporate sphere, you can talk about leadership in other spheres of life. After all, we often lead our children, partners, or even our friends, trying to help them achieving their goals. Leader is a leader, and it doesn’t matter what sphere of life we talk about.


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