What characterize a good leader nowadays, based on your point of view?


Times have changed, people have changed and so has the leadership.

In the past, leader was a widely respected authority. People had more respect for authorities, doesn’t matter if we talk about managers, kings, or priests. Nowadays, in the era when media made fools from the population, time when the cult of personality is becoming new religion, it is as difficult as ever to lead the others…

People will simply not follow anyone’s orders, just because he’s job is labeled as a managerial. Leaders need to get close to people, they need to win their hearts, be someone they not only have to, but also desire to follow. This should be your characteristic of a new leader.

Leader shakes hands of his colleagueAttract, believe and connect

One of the most famous speakers on the topic of leadership, John Maxwell, said once that leaders have to be able to attract, believe and connect. In fact, he hit the nail on the head. he described a philosophy of successful leader of 21st century in three simple words.

You can stick to Maxwell’s philosophy. On the top of that, you can always say what you personally do to attract people, to show them you believe in your vision and in their abilities, and to connect with the right guys. Let’s have a look at sample answer.

Good leader should fit perfectly into the organization. He should understand the climate and working environment, the goals and visions. He should adjust his actions to it. He should be able to become a natural leader, a great role model people want to follow and listen to. He should be attractive, not with his look, but with his thoughts and actions. He should be able to get close to the heart of every single employee. What more, he should be fully confident about his own vision. He should also be able to connect with the others, doesn’t matter if we talk about people from outside of the company, business partners, politicians, simply anyone who can be beneficial for the organization. This characterize a good leader from my point of view.

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