Leadership Interview Questions and Answers

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Interviewing pannel leads an interview for management positionLeadership belongs to the most sought for qualities in job seekers. Directors, managers, supervisors, team leaders–if you apply for any of these positions, HR managers will try to understand if you have this ability to lead the others.

But how do they do it? What questions can you expect? And how to make a good impression on the interviewing panel, convincing them of your leadership qualities?

We will try to find the answer on this website, that specializes only in leadership interview questions. Written by Matthew Chulaw, Independent Interview Coach & Recruitment Consultant.

What questions will they ask?

Good HR managers and recruiters will ask you a couple of questions that should help them to understand your perspective on leadership, and your readiness to lead someone. Let’s have a look at them:

A good talk in the interviewAttract, believe, connect

Success or failure in this interview does not depend only on your answers to their questions. Recruiters need to feel your leadership, to see your potential. You should do your best to present yourself as a leader in an interview. What does it mean?

Leaders attract the others. Put on your best clothes, smile, be your best self, attract the others. Let your charisma shine in the room, ensure it is a pleasure to talk to you.

Leaders believe. They believe in their vision, they believe in the people around them, in the perspectives and goals they have. Be the one who believes in their own opinions, goals and aspirations. Be the one who is positive about the other people, the one they should lead.

Leaders connect with the others. Connections lead to knowledge, power and to new business opportunities. Show them that you are connected with the right people. Stand-alone leaders can not achieve anything nowadays. What is more, try to connect with your interviewers. Show them that you know how to connect with people from all levels of society. Children, students, laborers, supervisors, managers, top officers. You need to know how to win the heart of them, or at least convince the interviewers of having this ability.


Does one have to be born a leader?

Illustration of leadershipIn my opinion, leadership skills can be compared to skill in playing tennis. One can be born with good predispositions and become a great tennis player. But still, they have to train hard, and spend years on practice court until it happens.

On the other hand, if you look at the ATP rankings, you will find at least ten people without any talent in the top hundred male and female players… They were not gifted with talent, but they trained hard and became one of the world’s best athletes.

Leadership is just the same. You can become a great leader. You can learn how to connect with the others, how to attract them and lead them. A leadership seminar (must be a good one!) is a great investments into your career. You can learn a lot also from books, and basically any encounter you have with other person is your chance to improve leadership skills. It’s your chance to attract, believe, and connect…. Will you take that chance?


Last minute job interview preparation

If your interview is tomorrow (or anytime soon), you probably don’t have time for seminars, or books… In such a case I suggest you having a look at I Will Get a Job – Recording for Leaders that will teach you how to win the hearts of your interviewers, how to connect with them, and how to make them believe in your skills in an interview. I recorded it many years ago, but it still help job seekers to deliver their best on a big day. Thank you for checking it out here

Good luck in your interview!

Matthew Chulaw,

Your Personal Interview Coach

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